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Scott Wang | Education

Medical School

National Yang-Ming University

2008, Taipei, Taiwan

Graduate School

Harvard School of Public Health

2010, Boston, MA


Brigham and Women's Hospital

2012, Boston, MA


Duke University Medical Center

2017, Durham, NC

Graduate School

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2018, Cambridge, MA


Boston Children's Hospital

2020, Boston, MA

Scott Wang | Media

Caregiver Profile

Meet Dr. Hsin-Hsiao (Scott) Wang

Scott Wang | Publications

It’s a real privilege to work with children and families. Establishing deep relationships and helping them navigate challenging conditions are the aspects of my work that I love the most. We are fortunate to have a world-class team of people at Boston Children's who help make this possible. When it comes to innovations that inform care, we never stop working together to push the envelope.