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Laddy Maisonet | Medical Services


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Laddy Maisonet | Education

Undergraduate School

Columbus College of Art and Design

1994, Columbus, OH

Medical School

University of Kansas Medical Center

2013, Kansas City, KS


Boston Children's Hospital

2017, Boston, MA

Laddy Maisonet | Certifications

  • American Board of Pediatrics (General)

Laddy Maisonet | Professional History

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Dr. Laddy Maisonet, was motivated to pursue a medical career after her daughter’s survival of childhood cancer. She was inspired by the excellent care her daughter was given by her medical team. Dr. Laddy also realized the tremendous need for bilingual-bicultural medical professionals and felt the need to give back to others in similar situations. In 2013, she was accepted at the University of Kansas Medical Center School of Medicine where she excelled and was awarded multiple honors for her academic performance and compassionate care of patients. She was accepted in one of the US top residency programs for pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital. During her residency, she worked with many complex care children from diverse backgrounds. There she learned the value of good communication with parents as partners in the medical care of children.

Dr. Laddy is an empathetic physician, comfortable with the management of the complex socioemotional crises in adolescents with a variety of mental health disorders including anxiety and depression. She also specialized in preventive pediatric care; obesity management with a multicultural approach ; asthma management ; wound/laceration care, including simple sutures and staples; and urgent care.

Dr. Laddy currently works with Pediatric Health Care Associates, primarily at the Lynn office where she serves a largely underserved population including patients from Latin America primarily from Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

My Philosophy of Care stems from a patient-centric approach which I draw upon from my own experiences as a mother. Knowing the many challenges of being a new parent, I try to help provide guidance on healthy habits at the time that they’re being formed. These habits will have a large impact on the lives of my patients and is primarily the reason that I decided to get involved with children