Boston Combined Residency Program

The Boston Combined Residency Program brings together the pediatric training programs of Boston Children's Hospital and Boston Medical Center.

The goal of the Boston Combined Residency Program in Pediatrics is to train subspecialty and general pediatricians in both a distinctive and integrated manner. We believe this program serves as a national model for pediatric training and comprehensive care for children. It has brought together two great hospitals and universities not for economic gain, but rather to help craft the future of pediatric care and training. We are pleased to offer this program for applicants interested in becoming leaders in pediatrics, and we look forward to working closely with our future house officers to help shape the future of clinical care, research, and education.

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Boston Children’s Hospital Awarded John M. Eisenberg Award for Leading the I-PASS Study Group

The I-PASS Study Group based out of Boston Children’s Hospital has been named the recipient of the 2016 John M. Eisenberg Award for Innovation in Patient Safety and Quality at the National Level presented annually by The Joint Commission and the National Quality Forum. The award is the foremost award in the United States recognizing contributions to patient safety.

Members of the I-PASS Study Group, led by Principal Investigator Christopher Landrigan, MD, MPH, Project Leader, Amy Starmer, MD, MPH, and Pediatric Residency Program Director Theodore Sectish, MD, all at Boston Children’s Hospital, designed I-PASS with the goal of improving patient safety through improved provider-to-provider communication. I-PASS is a multi-faceted intervention to standardize and improve handoffs.

The group’s initial research study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that across 9 hospitals, harmful medical errors (preventable adverse events) fell 30% following implementation of I-PASS. Subsequent research in more than 50 hospitals has found that I-PASS similarly led to reductions in handoff-related injuries to patients when used by nurses and doctors from across specialties, both in academic and community hospitals.

BCRP and UHAT receive the Academic Pediatric Association Teaching Award.

In 2017, the Urban Health and Advocacy Track was awarded the Academic Pediatric Association (APA) Teaching Program Award, one the highest honors for a pediatric training program in the United States. The UHAT track was recognized for its commitment to training national leaders in pediatrics with a focus on caring and advocating for the underserved.

Receipt of the APA Teaching Program Award recognizes years of educational development and continuous improvement of the UHAT track. The award was made possible by exceptional leadership and administrative support at Boston Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital. Most importantly, the award is a reflection of the tremendous spirit of collaboration that UHAT and Categorical residents bring to the BCRP and their outstanding commitment to improving child health.

Massachusetts Rated as the Best State

U.S. News & World Report analyzed thousands of data points for all 50 states and concluded that Massachusetts is the Best State in terms of what matters most to Americans and how well the state is performing for its citizens.

Residents Present Research at Pediatric Academic Societies

Twenty-seven current and recent BCRP houseofficers submitted 25 abstracts of their research to the spring meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies in San Francisco, CA, May 6 to May 9, 2017.

Jessica-TsaiBCRP Resident Writer

Senior Resident Jessica Tsai has had a busy year! In addition to all of her clinical training she has found her voice. Based on her training as MD/PhD student, she has written editorials about the challenges of the dual life as a physician-scientist and a medical trainee in the journal Science, and about mental health and wellness of bioscience trainees in Nature Biotechnology. She also has a book out on Amazon. During the Keystone Quarter she expanded her area of writing to describe a poignant case about bullying for the New York Times.

Malpractice Dodgers

The Malpractice Dodgers are a team of BCRP residents, alumni, and significant others that play in the Boston Children’s Hospital league in Hyde Park. The team was started a few years ago by Jon Levin, a BCRP graduate and neonatology fellow. The Dodgers won the award for the most improved team last year and started off this year with a victory.

BCRP Mindfulness Curriculum

Based on new data showing that mindfulness practice can improve or prevent burnout, which has a significant impact on physician well-being and ability to deliver compassionate patient care, senior resident Yarden Fraiman and recent BCRP graduate Alexandra Coria have developed a week-long mindfulness meditation curriculum for the BCRP, which they presented at the 2016 spring meeting of the Association of Pediatric Program Directors.

Pediatricians and Politics: Advocating for Pediatric Research

Urban Health and Advocacy residents spent a Research, Advocacy and Policy (RAP) afternoon last Fall with Boston Children's Office of Government Relations staff Amy DeLong and Kate Audette, learning how to lobby and speak to politicians. They put their skills to use that day, meeting with staffers in the offices of Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Ed Markey to advocate for legislation that would strengthen the NIH's commitment to pediatric research. 

REACH: Resident Education Advancing Communication in Hospitals

BCRP Residents Neeru Narla and Zeena Audi created a cultural communication curriculum to improve the quality of care delivered to ethnically and linguistically diverse pediatric patients and their families. 

Street Cred

BCRP residents Michael Hole and Lucy Marcil founded “StreetCred”, a first-of-its-kind program to help parents of pediatric patients at Boston Medical Center file their taxes, receive tax credits, and apply for multiple other services to improve their financial stability and reduce the effects of child poverty on health. 

BCRP Brochure: Class of 2018

Download a pdf document containing all the material on this website.


Interns Set Record for Most Parties

BCRP residents party as hard as they work, as shown in the attached photo gallery, which acknowledges several recent classes. The last two intern classes got together for a party or other activity almost every week, the most of any classes in memory.

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Boston Children's Hospital Around the World

International Health efforts of Children's faculty are detailed here.

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Stem Cell Program

Children's Hospital Boston has the world's leading research in stem cell biology, which is detailed in a beautiful new website.

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Gene Therapy

A team of Children's hematologists and immunologists have successfully treated a boy with X-linked SCID using a new gene therapy technique.

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Orkin elected to American Philosophical Society

Stuart Orkin was recently honored by election to the American Philosophical Society. The APS was founded by Benjamin Franklin about twenty years before the American revolution. Thomas Jefferson was an ardent member. The APS sponsored Lewis and Clark. The APS only elects about five biologists and physician-scientists a year, so this is an outstanding and nearly unique recognition of Stu’s many extraordinary accomplishments. President Obama was also elected in Stuart's class.


Silverstein appointed to prestigious panel

Michael Silverstein, Vice Chair for Research at Boston Medical Center, was appointed to the US Preventive Services Task Force, a prestigious panel of national experts that makes recommendations in the area of prevention and evidence-based medicine.


Who's New?

New Senior Faculty and Program Leaders

Ron Samuels
Ronald Samuels is a general pediatrician, Associate Director of Children's Primary Care and an Associate Program Director in the Boston Combined Residency Program. 

Scott Hadland
Scott Hadland is a previous BCRP Chief Resident who has recently completed his fellowship in adolescent medicine. He is a newly appointed Associate Program Director at Boston Medical Center. 

Rebecca Gold
Rebecca Gold is the new Administrative Coordinator of the BCRP at Boston Children’s Hospital