Heena Banker, MD

Dr. Heena Banker is a board certified pediatrician in Waltham who is dedicated to working with local families and children to provide high quality, very personalized care.

Unlike larger practices where families may see a different pediatrician every time they come to the office, as a solo provider she cares for the health of all her patients herself. For many families, this provides real peace of mind.

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Dr. Banker has more than 35 years of experience working with children — caring for many of them from infancy through to adulthood. From providing well child check-ups to sick visits, she delivers care in a comfortable and efficient manner that ensures everyone feels at home in the exam room.

Pediatric services

The services we offer include:

  • routine physicals
  • management of childhood conditions such as eczema and asthma
  • diagnosis and treatment of acute illness
  • sick-child care
  • developmental screenings
  • hearing and vision screenings
  • ·vaccinations

Providing individualized care

Originally from South Asia, Dr. Baker particularly understands different cultures and lifestyles and appreciates the need for individualized care tailored to every family’s needs and preferences. She also speaks five languages and this multilingual ability can put some patients and their parents at ease.

The languages she speaks in addition to English include:

  • Hindi
  • Gujarati
  • Marathi
  • Urdu

Appointment scheduling

Well-child visits: Well visits can usually be scheduled within 4 weeks of the appointment. It is important that you verify your health insurance benefit prior to scheduling this appointment.

Keep in mind that well visits scheduled after school are popular and fill early. Please plan accordingly.

Sick visits: We keep appointments open for same-day sick visits. The urgency of the appointment will be determined by phone triage and/or doctor consultation. Non-urgent visits will be scheduled within two days, or as determined by Dr. Banker. If your child is sick, please call our office as early in the day as possible. Non-urgent calls and calls for advice will be returned as soon as possible on the same day, whenever possible.

Specialty visits and referrals: We can assist you in finding specialists for your child when appropriate. If your insurance requires that you obtain a referral authorization to see a specialist, please call us in advance of the visit and provide us with the specialist’s name, the date of the first appointment, the number of visits required, and the specialist’s contact information, along with their national provider identification number (better known as NPI number).

Whenever possible, visits with multiple clinicians and/or diagnostic tests will be coordinated in one trip.


Prescription requests should be called in during regular office hours. Please allow 72 hours for all refills when possible.

Insurance information

Insurance information will be updated at each visit. We accept many types of insurance, including:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Fallon Community Health Plan
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan
  • MassHealth
  • Tufts Health Plan
  • United Healthcare

If needed, we can help identify insurance resources for you and/or your child.


Dr. Banker’s office is conveniently located at:

20 Hope Street, Suite G-14

Waltham, MA

To make an appointment, call 781-894-4044.

Our fax is 781-647-6411

Resources for families

Selecting a pediatrician when you are expecting

For people who are expecting a new baby, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends selecting a pediatrician during the third trimester so you can establish a relationship before the baby is born.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a pediatrician:

  • Is the office location convenient to where you live and work?
  • Do the hours work with your schedule?
  • Will your baby be able to see the same provider at each visit?
  • How experienced is the pediatrician in caring for newborns?
  • What are the pediatrician’s views on breast feeding?
  • Can you get a visit the same day if your child is sick?
  • Is there a doctor on call when the office is closed?

Expectant parents can call 781-894-4044 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Banker.

Resources for families

Child safety steps

Childhood injuries are the leading cause of death among children. The Injury Prevention Program at Boston Children’s Hospital identifies some simple, and lifesaving, safety steps you can take:

  1. Follow car seat safety laws

    The Child Passenger Safety Law in Massachusetts requires all children riding in cars to use a federally approved passenger restraint that is installed properly and meets federal approval until they turn 8 years old or are more than 57 inches tall. Children who outgrow these requirements must still wear a seat belt. Learn more from the experts at Boston Children’s about what type of car seat is required for your child based on their size and age.

  2. Prevent window falls

    If you open the windows in your home or apartment, your child could be at risk of falling out and getting seriously injured. In fact, having your window open even a few inches can pose a falling risk for children under 10. In addition, screens are not strong enough to prevent children from falling through. This means that if you want to open the window to enjoy the nice weather, you’ll need to install window guards. If you don’t have guards, then you should keep the windows closed and locked at all times. Learn more from the National Safety Council.

  3. Properly store medications and cleaning products

Poisoning is a serious concern among children. To prevent your little one from becoming a victim, keep all medications (both prescription and over-the-counter drugs) and all cleaning products  in a locked cabinet that your children can’t reach. Learn more from the Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention, which is located at Boston Children’s Hospital.

You can also access patient safety resources from Boston Children’s Injury Prevention Program, including downloadable tip sheets on these and other topics.


Call 781-894-4044 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Banker.