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Surgery Research

The focus of the Laboratory for Transplantation and Tissue Engineering's research is the design of new tissues that are created in the laboratory using functional cells plus biodegradable polymer scaffolds appropriately configured.

The focus of the Laboratory for Lung Growth has been to tap the processes responsible for lung development in healthy fetuses and newborn infants to treat children who are born with underdeveloped lungs due to conditions such as congenital diaphragmatic hernia. The laboratory has been successful in stimulating normal lung growth and has begun to investigate the mechanisms responsible for this growth. Clinical trials have begun in humans to evaluate the usefulness of some of the techniques developed in the laboratory.

Featured researchers in the Department of General Surgery hold faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School.

Latest Research in General Surgery



Terry L. Buchmiller, MD

Fetal gut development

Catherine C. Chen, MD, MPH

Neonatal surgery

Dario Fauza, MD, PhD

Fetal tissue engineering

Steven J. Fishman, MD

Vascular anomalies & malformations

Tom Jaksic, MD, PhD

Repair of congenital defects

Russell W. Jennings, MD

Maternal-fetal treatment, CDH, TTTS, esophageal reconstruction

Heung Bae Kim, MD

Transplantation tolerance

Khashayar Vakili, MD

Transplantation tolerance

Craig Lillehei, MD

General Surgery

Bradley C. Linden, MD

Minimally Invasive Surgery

David P. Mooney, MD, MPH

Trauma care

Mark Puder, MD, PhD

Neonatal surgery

Shawn J. Rangel, MD, MSCE

Reducing incidence and severity of surgical complications

Robert Shamberger, MD

Cancer and bowel surgery

Christopher Weldon, MD, PhD

chemo-resistance pathways in solid tumors

Jay Wilson, MD

Fetal and neonatal lung growth, Congenital lung growth

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