Interns and Residents

We seek residents who are intelligent, curious, creative, energetic, personable, and accomplished. Residents who will become leaders in pediatrics. Residents with a sense of humor. We also seek residents who come from all parts of the country and beyond and who have a wide variety of backgrounds.

The 157 current residents illustrate our desire for diversity. They come from 33 states and 17 countries. They went to 74 colleges and 64 medical schools, including 7 international schools. They majored in 44 diverse subjects in college - from history, English, political science, philosophy, social studies, linguistics, anthropology, environmental studies, government, literature, languages, religion, economics, financial engineering, global health, international affairs, gender studies, religion, business, education, music and art, to mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, computer science and multiple kinds of engineering. Plus all varieties of biological sciences. Forty-one have PhDs or PhD-like research experience and 20 have an MPH, MA, MSc, MPP, MMS or MBA. Many have years of experience before medical school in fields such as art, business, finance, science, education, engineering, advocacy, and health care policy. Their interests are equally diverse. Among them, they speak nearly 20 languages.

We believe this diversity greatly enriches the residency. It stimulates creativity, promotes tolerance, and allows residents to excel in various ways within the program. It also creates chances to try new things. Most importantly, perhaps, it offers opportunities to establish rich friendships. Nothing is more important in a residency than the quality of the other residents. They will become, in many cases, lifelong friends and colleagues. We believe that no pediatric program has better residents than the BCRP.