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When you've got questions about for child's health ...
... Answers are right around the corner.

For families in Southern New Hampshire, exceptional care from the nation’s #1-ranked pediatric hospital is within easy reach, with Boston Children’s satellite locations as near as Lexington, Peabody, and Waltham, MA.

In these uncertain times, you can count on Boston Children’s to deliver answers when and how you need them. While we don’t currently accept walk-ins, it’s easy to schedule a visit with us in advance to meet your family’s needs:

  • at one of our convenient satellite locations
  • virtually, from the comfort of your own home

Whether your child has an orthopedic concern, like broken bone or scoliosis, or a urological concern, like urinary incontinence, or has another health concern, Boston Children’s clinicians are closer than you think.

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