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Researcher | Research Overview

Sung-Eun received her PhD in Biotechnology from the Yonsei University Seoul, South Korea in 2008. She joined the lab in October 2008 and is currently studying the role of Axin in Wnt signaling.

Selected Publications

  1. Sung-Eun Kim, Ju-Yong Yoon, Woo-Jeong Jeong, Sung-Hoo Jeon, Yoon Park, Jong-Bok Yoon, Young Nyun Park, Hogeun Kim, and Kang-Yell Choi. (2009) H-Ras is subject to the degradation by Wnt-catenin signaling. Journal of Cell Science 122, 842-848.
  2. Sung-Eun Kim and Kang-Yell Choi. (2007) EGF receptor is involved in Wnt3a-mediated proliferation and motility of NIH3T3 via ERK pathway. Cellular Signalling 19, 1554-1564 Sung-Eun Kim, Won-Jeong Lee, and Kang-Yell Choi. (2007) The PI3 kinase-Akt pathway mediates Wnt3a-induced proliferation. Cellular Signalling 19, 511-518.
  3. Ki-Sook Park, Soung Hoo Jeon, Sung-Eun Kim, Young-Yil Bahk, Bart O. Williams, Young-Joon Surh, and Kang-Yell Choi. (2006) APC inhibits activation of Ras-mediated ERK signaling and cellular proliferation. Journal of Cell Science 119, 819-827.
  4. Mi-Sun Yun*, Sung-Eun Kim*, Soung Hoo Jeon, Jung-Soo Lee, and Kang-Yell Choi. (2005) The ERK and the Wnt/beta-catenin pathways are both involved in Wnt3a-induced proliferation. Journal of Cell Science 118, 313-322 (*equal-contributor).
  5. Sung-Eun Kim, Jae-Young Cho, Kyung-Sup Kim, Su-Jae Lee, Ki-Hoo Lee, and Kang-Yell Choi. (2004) Drosophila PI3 kinase and Akt involved in insulin-stimulated proliferation and ERK pathway activation in Schneider cells. Cellular Signalling 16, 1309-1317.
  6. Sung-Eun Kim, Sun-Hong Kim and Kang-Yell Choi. (2003) Enzymatic activation and stabilization of Drosophila MKP-3 by Drosophila ERK. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1010, 51-61