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Since 2017, Shira has been leading the Data Science team within the Research Computing group, during which time the team deployed of two major initiatives:

  • BCH cohort sequencing project – The Children’s Rare Disease Cohorts Initiative – the project integrates sample collection from over 10,000 families, genomic sequencing, analysis and clinical follow-ups;
  • deployment of institutional bioinformatics support to the BCH research community – operationalized by a collaborative team of bioinformaticians that foster novel research and holistically consult, develop and deploy tools, train and provide best practices regarding the experimental design, analysis, integration and visualization of data from wide ranging experiments, including transcriptomic (e.g., single cell and bulk sequencing of mRNA and non-coding RNAs), genomic (e.g., integration of single nucleotide variants, insertions/deletions and structural variants from WGS and WES), epigenomic (e.g.,transcription factor, histone and chromatin capture) and other analyses.

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