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Using cutting-edge high-throughput profiling methods to discover diagnostic and treatment biomarkers of various human diseases. Clinical whole-genome sequencing analysis and interpretation for personalized precision medicine.


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Dr. Sek Won Kong is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, and a faculty member in the Computational Health Informatics Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Sek Won Kong received a MD from Seoul National University College of Medicine in Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Kong is a psychiatrist by training and completed his clinical training at Seoul National University Hospital in Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Kong studied brain imaging and molecular medicine during his postdoctoral time and joined CHIP as a faculty member. His research interests include biomarker discovery using diverse genetics and genomics techniques as well as developing tools for computational biology and bioinformatics. Dr. Kong pioneered the discovery of molecular biomarkers for autism spectrum disorder for which he continues to dissect the sources and impacts of genetic and environmental risk factors. Dr. Kong has been leading precision medicine efforts in a network of pediatric hospitals, clinical implementation of whole-genome sequencing and polygenic risk score, and cell replacement therapy using reprogrammed autologous cells.

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