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The goal of Sandra Burchett's research is to prevent transmission of viruses from mothers to babies. She chairs the committee in the Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials group that develops studies to understand the safety and usefulness of drugs used to treat HIV and to prevent perinatal transmission of HIV. She also chairs a national protocol for the study of how best to treat children with advanced HIV infection, which focuses on the central nervous system reservoir. 

She has collaborated with Dana Gabuzda at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to understand more of the pathogenesis of central nervous system HIV infection in children with Dr. Judith Lieberman of the Center for Blood Research in studies of ex vivo immune reconstitution after IL-2 stimulation in persons with HIV infection. Most recently, she has collaborated with Dr. Phillip Goulder at the Massachusetts General Hospital in understanding the host and viral characteristics of HIV-infected children with long-term non-progressive disease.

Dr. Burchett is the site principal investigator for the Boston Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Unit. 

She also participates in the longitudinal study (Women and Infant's Transmission Study) of pregnant women and their children with HIV infection and continues to participate in antiviral and antifungal trials of new agents for the immunocompromised population.

Researcher | Research Background

Sandra Burchett received her MS from the University of Arkansas and her MD from the University of Arkansas College of Medicine. She completed an internship and residency from Arkansas Children's Hospital and a fellowship at University of Washington Medical Center.

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