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Researcher | Research Overview

My research interests are focused on vascular anomalies and interventional oncology.
My current ongoing research in vascular anomalies is:

  1. Endovascular treatment approaches in peripheral arteriovenous malformations (AVM)
  2. Minimally invasive interventional techniques to treat aneurysmal bone cysts (ABC)
  3. Cryoablation in the management of vascular anomalies


Current ongoing research in interventional oncology:

Prospective registry and retrospective data repository for patients with relapsed/refractory solid tumors undergoing an Interventional Radiology procedure

Researcher | Research Background

I am a full-time pediatric interventional radiologist, and find it extremely privileged to be one among this exclusive group. I am trained to provide treatment through minimally invasive techniques for diseases, which have been traditionally treated with operations. I have presented at distinguished meetings on interventions in vascular anomalies. I have contributed to book chapters under vascular anomalies and interventional radiology in oncology. 

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