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Researcher | Research Overview

Dr. Pui Lee is a pediatric rheumatologist with research interests in autoinflammatory diseases and myeloid cell biology. His lab studies the role of immunometabolism in the development and differentiation of monocytes, a type of white blood cells that incites inflammation, with the goal of identifying treatment targets for inflammatory diseases. In addition, Dr. Lee is interested in the mechanism of immune activation in autoinflammatory diseases. He has ongoing projects focused on macrophage activation syndrome and a rare disease called deficiency of adenosine deaminase 2 (DADA2).


Researcher | Research Background

Dr. Pui Lee is an Attending Physician in Rheumatology at Boston Children’s Hospital and an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. He completed the MD-PhD program at the University of Florida and subsequently finished residency and fellowship training at Boston Children's Hospital.


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