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The Nigrovic laboratory studies basic mechanisms of inflammatory arthritis, with a long-range goal of identifying new ways to target the disease in clinic. Ongoing studies use both human samples and mouse models, and investigate the biology of multiple immune cells including neutrophils, T cells, monocytes and megakaryocytes. We also study the role of antibodies and associated glycosylation, as well as new approaches to the genetics of arthritis. With respect to translational research specific to juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Dr. Nigrovic chairs translational research for the 114-center US and Canadian pediatric rheumatology research collaborative CARRA, is co-principal investigator of the First-line Options in Systemic JIA Treatment (FROST) study, and directs the NIAMS-funded Joint Biology Consortium to accelerate arthritis research at Boston Children’s Hospital, the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and beyond.


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