Harriet Paltiel uses sonographic techniques to investigate pediatric disorders, particularly of the genitourinary tract and in the study of vascular anomalies. She is working to develop novel automated quantification techniques in the determination of testicular perfusion in an animal model of testicular torsion using contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging, and to characterize the morphology and flow characteristics of superficial and visceral vascular anomalies. Dr. Paltiel hopes to achieve greater accuracy in the assessment of testicular perfusion in patients with acute scrotal symptoms, so that the incidence of equivocal examinations is significantly decreased, unnecessary surgery is avoided, and patients with testicular torsion are rapidly diagnosed.




Dr. Paltiel received her MD from McGill University in Montreal Canada, followed by an internship and residency at McGill University Teaching Hospitals. She went on to complete a fellowship at Children's Hospital, Boston, and received additional training in Pathology at St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto


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