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Researcher | Research Overview

Katlynn Bugda Gwilt is an epithelial biologist working on polarity in the intestinal epithelium, and how the epithelium interacts with its environment. Dr. Bugda Gwilt trained with Dr. Gregory Miller investigating how dietary amines, via TAAR1, could augment intestinal enteropathies. Currently, at Boston Children’s Hospital, she works as a research fellow with Dr. Wayne Lencer and Dr. Jay Thiagarajah to study the mechanisms underlying congenital diarrheal enteropathies using patient derived intestinal organoids. Her work focuses on establishing methods for high-content, high-resolution microscopy to investigate the underlying cellular architecture typifying disease, as well as translating existing functional assays into patient derived organoid models to discover novel therapeutics for disease.

Researcher | Research Background

Katlynn completed her B.Sc. in Biology (Cellular and Molecular Biology) from Syracuse University and her Ph.D in Pharmacology from Northeastern University. Dr. Bugda Gwilt enjoys mentoring, teaching and community outreach in addition to her scientific pursuits.

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