Dr. Harb works on the role of Notch signaling in allergic disease. He focuses on the effect of air pollutants i.e. particulate matter (PM) and their role in the exacerbation of airway inflammation and asthma. Furthermore, he tries to understand the different mechanisms the IL-4R mutation (Q576R) on asthma in children. His work covers both analyzing patient samples as well as studying airway inflammation in different mouse models.


Dr. Harb has got his Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Amman, Jordan. He then moved to Germany to join the lab of Prof. Harald Renz at the Philipps University Marburg at the department of Laboratory medicine and Pathobiochemistry. In his time there, he has finished his Masters in Infectious diseases with the focus on Immunology and Microbiology. Then then started his PhD in Immunology and Epigenetics in the same lab. His thesis focused on the role of different supplementary additives during pregnancy and their role in changing the epigenetic marks in the offspring in context of allergy and asthma. He finished his PhD with "Suma com Laude" in 2017, he moved to Boston to join Dr. Chatila's lab at Boston Children's hospital where he continued his work on allergy and asthma in the context of air pollution and its role in exacerbating the hallmarks of asthma. His work focuses on the role of Notch signaling in airway inflammation. He has published more than 25 publications. He serves as a co-chair of the Career Development Committee at the BCH Postdoctoral Association.


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