Current Environment:

Researcher | Research Overview

The focus of George Taylor's current clinical research is the impact of imaging technologies on intermediate outcomes in children with acute abdominal pain. His goals are:

  • To identify the optimal imaging sequence for the diagnosis of pediatric appendicitis
  • To create useful triage mechanisms to better identify those patients who need urgent imaging
  • To develop methods for assessing long-term impact of imaging on quality of life.

Researcher | Research Background

George Taylor received his MD degree form George Washington University School of Medicine. He completed an internship and residencies in radiology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a fellowship at Boston Children's Hospital.

He has been named RSNA International Visiting Professor (New Zealand) and received the Editor's Recognition Award With Distinction from the journal Radiology.

Selected Publications

  1. Garcia Peña BM, Taylor GA, Lund DP, Mandl KD. Effect of computed tomography on patient management and costs in children with suspected appendicitis. Pediatrics 1999; 104: 440-446.
  2. Garcia Peña BM, Taylor G, Fishman SJ, Mandl KD. Costs and effectiveness of ultrasonography and limited computed tomography for diagnosing appendicitis in children. Pediatrics 2000; 106: 672-676.
  3. Garcia Peña BM, Mandl KD, Kraus SJ, Fischer AC, Fleisher GR, Lund DP, Taylor GA. Evaluation of ultrasonography and limited computed tomography in the diagnosis and management of appendicitis in children. JAMA 1999; 282: 1041-1046.

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