Working in the crosstalk between mast cells, IgE and dendritic cells in a context of food allergy.


  • 2012: Master IMVI (immunology, microbiology, virology) specialty molecular virology at Paris VII University and Pasteur institute of Paris,France on: HIV virological synapse between Tcells and macrophages.
  • 2016: PhD in Immunology at the University of Orléans, France on: The studies of molecular mechanisms during pulmonary inflammation during nanoparticles or cigarette smoke exposure (implication of IL-33/ST2 pathway and NLRP6 inflammasome)
  • 2016: Postdoc on food allergy at Boston Children's hospital, Boston, in the Oettgen lab

Selected Publications

  1. The IL-33 receptor ST2 regulates pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis to bleomycin. M Fanny, N Riteau, I Maillet, L Baron, C Panek, M Akbal, M Nascimento, ... Frontiers in immunology 9, 1476
  2. Tissue-specific expression of the low-affinity IgG receptor, Fc?RIIb, on human mast cells. OT Burton, A Epp, ME Fanny, SJ Miller, AJ Stranks, JE Teague, RA Clark, ... Frontiers in immunology 9
  3. The NLRP3 inflammasome is activated by nanoparticles through ATP, ADP and adenosine. L Baron, A Gombault, M Fanny, B Villeret, F Savigny, N Guillou, C Panek, ... Cell death & disease 6 (2), e1629
  4. B cell activating factor is central to bleomycin-and IL-17-mediated experimental pulmonary fibrosis. A François, A Gombault, B Villeret, G Alsaleh, M Fanny, P Gasse, ... Journal of autoimmunity 56, 1-11


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