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Dr. Logan's research focuses on psychological aspects of pediatric chronic pain. One line of her research emphasizes the roles of school and family systems in the child’s pain experience, while a second area of research focuses on treatment outcomes in pediatric chronic pain.


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Deirdre Logan, Ph.D., is a pediatric psychologist in the Department of Anesthesia at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) and associate professor of psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Logan received her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Michigan and completed postdoctoral training in pediatric psychology at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She serves as Director of Psychology Services for the Division of Pain Medicine at BCH and provides evaluation and treatment for children with complex chronic pain conditions, primarily in the outpatient setting. She is also very active in research and teaching. Dr. Logan is the Editor of Pediatric Pain Letter and a member of the council of the Special Interest Group for childhood pain of the International Association for the Study of Pain.


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