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Researcher | Research Overview

Dr. Bickham is a health communication researcher with a specific focus on children and media. His research explores media as an environmental factor that can influence children’s physical, psychological, social, and academic well-being. The content of his current work includes investigating the pathways linking media use and obesity by:

  1. Assessing the effectiveness of media literacy and media reduction campaigns
  2. Examining the impacts of digital food advertising on children
  3. Investigating characteristics of media use associated with BMI. 

He is also researching the role of media use in the development of mental health issues by considering how the context, content, and form of electronic media use may serve to distract from or exacerbate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Researcher | Research Background

Dr. Bickham received his PhD in Human Ecology from the University of Texas and his undergraduate degree from Haverford College. He completed his post-doctoral training at The Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH) at Boston Children’s Hospital and is now an instructor of pediatrics in the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital and a Research Scientist at CMCH.


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