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Researcher | Research Overview

Christine Geer, a Clinical Research Specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital’s Institutional Centers for Clinical and Translational Research, earned her Master of Public Health degree from the Boston University School of Public Health. Throughout her educational and professional career, Christine’s areas of focus have included nutrition, food accessibility, obesity, chronic and acute stress, adolescent health and adversity, and infectious disease diagnostics. While in graduate school, Christine co-authored a publication in Obesity investigating associations of perceived weight status and weight change, and assisted in a project to decrease sugar sweetened beverage consumption among youth. Additionally, during her undergraduate program, Christine participated in economic research on adult and juvenile criminal justice programs for Connecticut’s Results First initiative. Through her past experiences working in public schools, as well as developing health programs in neighborhoods with low socioeconomic status, Christine has demonstrated her commitment to serving the needs of youth and communities. On weekends, she continues this commitment by working with an organization that serves youth experiencing homelessness in Boston.

Selected Publications

  1. Wang, M. L., Haughton, C. F., Frisard, C., Pbert, L., Geer, C. and Lemon, S. C. (2017), Perceived weight status and weight change among a U.S. adult sample. Obesity, 25: 223–228. doi:10.1002/oby.21685