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Researcher | Research Overview

Dr. Rollins is a child neurologist focusing on understanding neurological outcomes in congenital heart disease. Her research lies at the intersection of neurology and cardiology, aiming to illuminate the neurobiological underpinnings of neurodevelopmental impairment in congenital heart disease. She is the Principal Investigator (PI) of a fetal MRI study that investigates fetal brain measurements in congenital heart disease to determine whether in utero markers of abnormal brain development can be identified. The ultimate goal of the study is to establish neurobiological targets for fetal neuroprotective intervention and identify those patients most likely to benefit from such therapy.


Researcher | Research Background

As the child of a clinical psychologist and scientist, Dr. Rollins has always been interested in linking human experience with underlying biology. As part of the Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program, she works to support families as their infants grow into childhood and beyond. In order to do so, she works tirelessly to bring the latest in clinical research on cardioneurology to the precious children entrusted to her care and as well as to her peers within the the field of cardioneurology more widely so that they may provide the best care for their own patients.


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