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Dr. Krauss’s research and educational interests include methods for establishing trust with children, the pharmacologic management of acute pain and anxiety in children undergoing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (procedural sedation), and the use of capnography for patient safety monitoring.


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Baruch Krauss received an MD from State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Medicine and a Master’s degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education. He completed residency training in family medicine (University of Washington-Swedish Hospital) and in pediatrics (Boston Children's Hospital), and a fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine (Boston Children's Hospital). Dr. Krauss has been on the faculty of the Division of Emergency Medicine since 1997. He was elected to the American Pediatric Society in 2010 and has received medical student teaching awards from Boston Children’s Hospital (2018) and Harvard Medical School (2019) for his curriculum on establishing trust with children.


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