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Researcher | Research Overview

Dr. Ariella (Ari) Tabaac is a researcher trained in health psychology and is currently pursuing their postdoctoral training in social epidemiology. Their research specializes in examining contributors and barriers to health equity of sexual minority women and transgender/gender-nonbinary populations with a focus on cancer and sexual and reproductive health.

Their research falls across three primary trajectories:

  1. How patient-provider communication and health information exposure improve healthcare utilization,
  2. How medical discrimination influences healthcare outcomes
  3. How standards of care and electronic medical record systems can improve psychosocial outcomes and quality of care for gender diverse patients. As a subset of this research, Ari is also interested in improving sexual orientation- and gender identity-related measures in public health research.

Ultimately, through their research, Ari seeks to improve both quality of and access to healthcare for gender diverse and sexual minority people.

Researcher | Research Background

Ari obtained their Ph.D. in Health Psychology in 2018 at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Their research in Dr. Eric Benotsch's lab focused on the relationships between health communication, discrimination, and sexual and reproductive health among sexual and gender minorities.

In 2018, Ari joined the lab of Dr. Brittany Charlton, as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Division of Adolescent Medicine. In this lab, Ari leads multiple projects using social epidemiology and health psychology methods to investigate health information, access, and communication disparities related to sexual and reproductive health outcomes among both sexual and gender minority populations.

In addition to their research, Ari is also involved in advocacy efforts at Boston Children’s Hospital, and they are a member of the Rainbow Consortium on Sexual and Gender Diversity as well as the Harvard SOGIE Health Equity Research Collaborative.

Researcher | Publications