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Dr. April Levin's clinical work and research focus on management of autism from a child neurology perspective. In the neurology clinic, her focus is on caring for children with autism. In addition to seeing patients, she is working to implement an online parent questionnaire that will help families and clinicians monitor outcomes over time in children with autism. Her primary research focuses on identifying biomarkers of autism, using information about brain rhythms as measured by EEG. The long-term goal of this research is to find new ways to predict, diagnose, and monitor autism; in the process, she hopes to shed light on how the brain works in children with autism. She is also involved with the Bucharest Early Intervention Project, which examines the effects of institutionalization versus foster care on child development. Alongside her participation in this research project, she has been involved in clinical, teaching, and volunteer work in Romanian hospitals and orphanages since 1999.

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