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Researcher | Research Overview

Dr. O'Connell is the lead investigator in the Neonatal intestinal and immune Center for Exploration (NiiCE). Our lab is focused on understanding development of the neonatal and infant intestine and immune system under normal and disease conditions. Conditions we study in the lab include premature intestinal disease including necrotizing enterocolitis, immune function of the neonate, and genetic orphan diseases. Our lab also aims to foster inclusivity and equity in research.

Role of Wnt2b in the intestine

  1. Role of Wnt2b in the intestine
  2. Regulation of early intestinal development
  3. Orphan disease characterization
  4. Modeling tissue specific immune development

Researcher | Research Background

Dr. O'Connell is a traditional MD/PhD physician scientist committed to excellence in both clinical care and scientific investigation. She has distinguished clinical expertise in neonatal immunity and neonatal intestinal disease, and research expertise in innate immunity, orphan disease characterization, and intestinal epithelial biology.

Researcher | Publications