Dr. Sophie Allende-Richter is a practicing pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital and a clinical Instructor at the Harvard Medical School. She joined Boston Children’s Hospital in 2009 as a Pediatric and adolescent primary care provider at the Martha Eliot clinic. This practice has led her to develop interest in health disparity research, leading several quality improvement initiatives and clinical research exploring new strategies to improve health care access, patient engagement and outcome among undeserved youths in the US and in resource constrained countries, notably Haiti and Rwanda. In 2019, she was recipient of the Boston Children’s Hospital Medical Staff Office Faculty Innovated Research award.


Dr. Sophie Allende-Richter earned her Medical Degree from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium in 2002. Prior her residency training, she worked for 3 years in clinical research in GI and Nutrition division at Boston Children’s Hospital. She completed her Pediatrics residency at the Boston Floating Hospital Tufts University in 2008. She returned to Boston Children’s Hospital in 2009 as an attending in the General Pediatrics division.

She is currently a pediatric health equity research fellow in the Harvard wide health research fellowship program while pursuing an MPH in clinical effectiveness at the Harvard TH Chan school of public health.


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