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COVID-19 situation - please check out Boston Children's Response to COVID-19


Congratulations to our new Co-Presidents!

We thank Ariella Tabaac and Hani Harb for their incredible leadership throughout this historic past year, and wish them all the best in their journeys! And please join us in congratulating Kimberly Wong and Sreya Ghosh, who were unanimously voted as our new Co-Presidents. Learn more about them, and their vision for the PDA, in our upcoming newsletter. 

President Handover, Sept2020


New Newsletter Out Now!

Please check out our newest newsletter, which represents our response to the Black Lives Matter movement, highlights the underrepresentation of Black scientists in academia, and spells out concrete steps we will take to begin to address these issues.  

Click on the link here or below to read more! 

September 2020 Newsletter

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Virtual Scientific Event Support:

Are you interested in a virtual scientific event or career development course, but are daunted by the fee? 

The PDA will fund up to $100 toward your registration fees!

Please submit an application by emailing postdoc@childrens.harvard.edu with the following information: 

  • Full name and lab
  • Title of the course
  • Date of the event (must be scheduled between April-December 2020)
  • 4-5 lines about what motivates you to attend this course, and how it helps your career

We will hold a raffle to select winners (the number of winners will depend upon the total cost of events)



We know this is a difficult time, and we are currently planning some virtual events to make sure we maintain our community. We look forward to seeing you there. And, when we defeat this virus together, we look forward to seeing you in person again!




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