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VBP Bioimaging Core

The VBP Bioimaging Core provides training and support for the Program’s imaging instruments, including a BD FACS Calibur Flow Cytometer, a Leica Confocal Microscope, a PerkinElmer IVIS in vivo Imaging System, a Zeiss Epifluorescent Microscope, and a Nikon Inverted Epifluorescent Microscope. The Core also assists VBP members with imaging analyses, establishing and executing protocols, trouble-shooting and imaging according to best practices.

VBP Vascular Assay Core

The VBP Vascular Assay Core provides experimental support for all in vitro and in vivo endothelial and murine cell studies, including the mouse corneal pocket assay and the chick chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) assay, among others.

VBP Medical Graphics Core

The VBP Medical Graphics Core provides publication quality scientific illustrations, figures, data visualizations and photographs for VBP principal investigators and their lab members. Images from the VBP Medical Graphics Core have been featured on the covers and pages of many journals and text books. Additionally, the Core provides audio-visual support to VBP members.

VBP Clinical Trials Core

The VBP Clinical Trials Core supports the design and testing of potential new therapeutic modalities as well as clinical biomarkers. The Core uses a multidisciplinary approach to designing and implementing clinical trials based on laboratory discoveries.

VBP Administration Core

The VBP Administration Core supports investigators in order that they can dedicate the maximum amount of time to their research. This support includes all aspects of grant submission and award management, facilitating compliance and reporting requirements and serving as the liaison for lab orders.

VBP Biorepository

The VBP Biorepository houses and curates extensive IRB-approved biobanks containing a variety of human and rodent samples.