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What is the TRP?

Founded in 2008, the Translational Research Program (TRP) aims to stimulate and facilitate the development of preclinical and, ultimately, human translational trials seeking to improve the care of children with serious diseases. The TRP provides support for faculty-initiated research projects along with infrastructure to get these projects done in a fast and efficient manner. The mission of the TRP is to stimulate the development of non-clinical and human clinical trials that seek to improve the care of children.

TIS Awards

The Translational Investigator Service (TIS) is a multidisciplinary cadre of outstanding faculty scientists with strong scientific and clinical backgrounds and significant productivity histories.

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Pilot Award

Provides funding to foster the development of non-clinical and clinical investigations for children with serious disease.

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Mooney Family Award

Assists investigators in the execution of their early phase human trials.

Learn more about the Mooney Family Award

Pappendick Family Award

Facilitates investigators in the accomplishment of late preclinical and early clinical phase 1 studies.

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Provides funding to foster interactions across the spectrum of research and clinical activities.

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Innovator Award

Intended to fund the most promising yet high risk research in specialized areas that will result in discoveries that will likely have a major impact on child heath.

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