Laboratory Members

Lab Member Position Research Phone Email
Bruce Zetter, PhD Principal Investigator All projects 617-919-2322 Bruce Zetter
Jackie Banyard, PhD Instructor/Research Associate Mechanism and markers of tumor progression and metastasis 617-919-2330 Jackie Banyard
Ivy Chung, PhD Research Fellow Role of stromal cells in tumor metastasis 617-919-2324 Ivy Chung
Kevin Freeman, PhD Research Fellow Determing the extracellular role of Thymosin beta 4 and 15 in wound healing, angiogenesis and metastasis; Development of strategies for monitoring metastasis in a mouse model of prostate cancer using a luciferase based technology 617-919-2326 Kevin Freeman
Jenny Mu Graduate Student Optical biosensor technology for the detection of prostate cancer-associated biomarkers 617-919-2324 Jenny Mu
Rachelle Olsen Graduate Student Role of antizyme inhibitor in centrosome duplication and tumor development 617-919-2325 Rachelle Olsen
Nish Patel, PhD Research Fellow Role of Prohibitin and GST Pi in conferring drug resistance to chemotherapeutic agents 617-919-2328 Nish Patel
Kristin Spivey Graduate Student Role of collagen XXIII in non-small cell lung cancer progression and metastasis 617-919-2327 Kristin Spivey
Vladimir Vrbanac, DVM Animal Studies Lab Manager Mouse models of tumor metastasis 617-919-2326 Vladimir Vrbanac