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NIGMS CD11c as a novel target to improve neutrophil effector functions and sepsis outcome (R01GM148392) (PI: Koichi Yuki)

NICHD The role of damage-associated molecular patterns in perioperative morbidities and mortalities of pediatric congenital heart diseases
(R21HD109119) 8/2022-7/2024 (PI: Koichi Yuki)

NIAID Optimization of anesthetic/sedative regimen for pulmonary pathophysiology in cystic fibrosis patients
(R21AI15886). 2/2021-1/2024 (PI: Koichi Yuki)

NIGMS Surgical site infections and the role of anesthesia and bacterial ion transporters (R01GM127600) 5/2020-4/2024 (PI: Koichi Yuki)

NICHD Neutrophil-mediated multiple organ dysfunction during sepsis
(R21HD099194) 4/2020-3/2023 (PI: Koichi Yuki & Sophia Koutsogiannaki)

NIGMS The impact of anesthetic selection on sepsis outcome and its mechanism
4/2016-3/2022 (PI: Koichi Yuki)

NIGMS Immunomodulatory mechanism of volatile anesthetics
(K08GM101345) 4/2012-9/2018 (PI: Koichi Yuki)