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Weitzman Laboratory Research | Overview


The Weitzman Lab focuses on improving the health and healthcare of children, adolescents and young adults through understanding and ameliorating the psychosocial, medical and behavioral problems affecting them. We advance high impact research that improves the lives of youth – placing emphasis on the experiences and preferences of youth. Using a multidisciplinary “team science” approach, we address key issues, leveraging information technologies, “big data,” participatory, narrative and experimental methods.

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Current research projects 

  • Modeling adjuvant responses in human blood in vitro to inform opioid vaccine development
  • Evaluation of Adolescent Substance Use Screening Tools
  • Evaluation of School Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment in Massachusetts Public Schools
  • Integrating SBIRT into Pediatric Primary Care
  • Detecting Youth Drinking and Associations with Alcohol Policies via Social Media
  • Validating Adolescent Substance Use Measures
  • Trial of a Novel Brief Intervention for Substance Use Among Youth with Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Health Promotion in Transition: Effects of Web-Based Health Information on Disease Management and Alcohol Use for Youth with Type 1 Diabetes in College
  • Clinical Validation of PROMIS® Pediatric Measures in Diverse Research Networks
  • Leveraging social media to engage adolescent participants in patient-centered cohort research for the clinical care of rheumatic diseases

Training and collaboration opportunities

To learn more about current training and collaboration opportunities please contact Rachele Cox at