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US Patents:

Therapeutic Modulation of c-Fos in the Eye

US Application Number: 16/461,131
Application Date: 17.11.2017
Publication Number: 20190352638
Publication Date: 21.11.2019
Inventors: Lois E.H. Smith, Ye Sun

Therapeutic Modulation of Genes in Myeloid Lineage Cells and Uses Thereof in Ophthalmology

US Application Number: 63/336,975
Application Date: 04.29.2022
Inventors: Ye Sun, Tianxi Wang

International Patent:

Compositions and Methods for Inducing or Supplementing SOCS3 to Abrogate Tumor Growth and Proliferative Retinopathy

International Patent Application Number: PCT/US2020/014046
International Filling Date: 17.01.2020
Publication Number: WO/2020/150584
Publication Date: 23.07.2020
Inventors: Lois E.H. Smith, Andreas Stahl, Jean-Sebastien Joyal, Ye Sun