Shi Laboratory | Alumni

Post-Doctoral Fellows

1993-1999            Raymond See
                             Research Consultant, Vancouver, Canada

1994-1996            Ricky Johnstone
                             Associate Professor, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Australia

1995-1996            Tobias Bauknecht
                             CEO, Med. Mol. Diagnostics, Bonn, Germany

1995-1996            Xiaolin Zhang
                             Vice President, AstraZeneca Innovation Center, China

1996-2001            Mary Donohoe
                             Director of Cellular Therapies/Assistant Professor
                                  Medical Research Institute/ Weill Cornell Medical College

1997-1998            Muhammed Afaq Shakir
                             Research Fellow, Baylor College of Medicine, TX

1997-1999            Isabelle Dussault
                             Director of Oncology Research, Amgen Inc., Los Angeles

1997-2000            Dominica Calvo
                             Teacher, Spain

1997-2001            Pascale Dufourcq
                             Laboratoire de biochimie, UFR Sciences Pharmaceutiques,
                                  Université Victor Ségalen, France

1997-2001            Martin Victor
                             Senior Scientist, Project Leader, EleGene AG, Germany

1998-1999            Rani George
                             Attending Physician, Pediatric Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer

1998-2000            Peng Yin
                             Director, Scientific Affairs, Abbott Laboratories, Chicago

2000-2005            Guangchao Sui
                             Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University

2001                     Julián Cerón
                             Madrigal Bellvitge Institute for Biomedical Research(IDIBELL), Spain

2001-2003            Nathan Wall
                             Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Microbiology Center for Health
                                  Disparities and Molecular Medicine, Loma Linda University

2001-2005            Yujiang Shi
                              Assistant Professor, Endocrinology Division, Brigham and Women

2001-2006            El Bachir Affar
                             Assistant Professor, Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Montreal

2002-2006            Frederique Gay
Scientist, Novartis Biomedical Research Institute, Cambridge, MA

2002-2007            Johnathan Whetstine
                             Assistant Professor of Medicine, MGH East Cancer Center,
                                  Harvard Medical School

2003-2008            Peter Mulligan
                             Post-Doctoral Fellow MGH, Boston, MA

2003-2011            Huifei Liu

2004-2011            Hank H. Qi
                             Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Iowa

2004-2008            Maite Haute
                             Assistant Professor CIMA Institute, University of Navarra, Spain

2004-2014            Shuzhen Chen
                             Actuarial Analyst, Humana Inc.

2004-2014            Shigeki Iwase
                             Assistant Professor of Human Genetics, University of Michigan

2006-2013            Roman Alpatov
                             Post-Doctoral Fellow, Human Genetics Program, University of Colorado, Denver

2007-2011            Xiaodong Li
                             Staff Scientist, Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP, Boston, MA

2007-2012            Nima Mosammaparast
                             Assistant Professor of Pathology and Immunology, Washington University in St. Louis

2009-2011            Sebastian Dango
                             Physician, University Medical Center, Freiburg, Germany

2009-2013            Huangming Xie
                             Senior Data Scientist, Simply Hired Inc., Sunnyvale CA

2009-2014            Kazuyuki Yamagata
                             Research Assistant Professor, Doshisha University, Japan

2010-2014            Xiaobo Xu
                             Decans Medical Technology Research Center

2011-2014            Eric Lieberman Greer
                             Assistant Professor, Newborn Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital

2011-2015            Emily Brookes
Post-Doctoral Fellow, University College London, UK 

2013-2014            David Aristizabal-Corrales
                             Post-Doctoral Fellow, New York University

Visiting Researchers

2009                     Dennis Plenker
                             Phd student, Max-Planck-Institute for Neurological Research, Cologne, Germany

2010                     Marco Geigges
                             University of Constance, Germany

2011-2012            Chun Ma
                             Fudan University, China

Research Assistant/Laboratory Managers

1999-2005            Margaret Po-Shan Luke

2010                     Varenka Rodriguez
                             PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins Medical School

2010-2013            Dane Cooper
                             Researcher, Cardiac Surgery, Boston Children's Hospital

2013-2015            Madeline Schuck

Graduate Students

1992-1996            Jeng-Shin Lee
                             Deputy Director, Harvard Gene Therapy Initiative, HMS, Boston, MA

1992-1997            Katherine Galvin
                             Senior Scientist, Millennium Co, Boston, MA

2002-2008            Su Wu
                             Senior Research Fellow, Naar Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital

2003-2008            Fei Lan
                             Professor, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

2005-2011            Amanda Nottke
                             Monitor, CA

2009-2013            Hui Jun (Sharon) Lim
                             Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Singapore, Singapore

Undergraduate Students

1998                     Jaehyuk Choi BA, Harvard University, 1998
                             Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Yale School of Medicine

2005                     Caitlin Matson BA, Harvard University, 2005
                             Strategic Information Specialist at ICAP, Columbia University, NY

2010-2012            Yuying Luo BS, Harvard University, 2012

                             Medical Student, New York University School of Medicine

2012-2015            Kuo-Kai Chin BS, Harvard University, 2015

2014                     David Bellamy BS, University of Ottawa, 2015