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Musculoskeletal Informatics Group Research | Overview


Located at the Boston Children’s Hospital Orthopedic Center, our group is dedicated to using multi-modal data and advanced analytics (e.g., machine learning) to solve pressing issues in pediatric and young adult musculoskeletal disorders. Our multidisciplinary team strives to develop tools to improve clinical care and to facilitate using clinical data more efficiently to assist with clinical decision making. In particular we are focused on:

  1. personalizing pediatric and young adult musculoskeletal care by leveraging our wealth of historic data
  2. making pediatric and young adult musculoskeletal care more affordable, accessible and equitable
  3. cultivating the next generation of musculoskeletal data scientists to be at the forefront of pediatric musculoskeletal care through our Musculoskeletal Informatics Bootcamp
  4. establishing multidisciplinary industry partnerships to enhance early detection, reduce diagnostic errors, select proper treatment, and improve patient care for musculoskeletal conditions

For more information visit the Musculoskeletal Informatics Group website.