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Research opportunities

Post-doctoral scholars

The Hur Laboratory studies various protein-nucleic acid interactions involved in the vertebrate immune system. The lab uses a combination of structural biology, biochemistry, and cell biology to understand molecule mechanisms of the following proteins.

1. Innate Immune Receptors

  • RIG-I-like receptors and other dsRNA sensors
  • Self vs. non-self nucleic acids discrimination mechanism
  • Intracellular signal transduction mechanism
  • Negative regulation (e.g. E3 ligases, Ub-proteasome/autophagy pathway)
  • Development of small molecule modulators

2. Transcription Factors

  • Key players in T cell tolerance (e.g. Aire and Foxp3)
  • Target gene recognition mechanism
  • Impact on transcriptional activity and chromatin structural reorganization

Applicants should have a strong background in protein or nucleic acid biochemistry, structural biology, cell biology, immunology or virology.

Please send a cover letter, CV, names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of three references to Sun Hur at sun.hur [at]

Graduate students

Students in the Harvard graduate programs (BBS, Biophysics, Virology, and Immunology) are welcome to join our lab. Please contact Sun Hur at sun.hur [at]

3 Blackfan Cir, Boston, MA 02115

sun.hur [at]

Phone: 617-713-8250