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MDA5 Filament
Innate immune receptor MDA5 forms a filament along the viral dsRNA.
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The E3 ligase RIPLET amplifies the innate immune response by bridging RIG-I filaments.
How the innate immune receptor RIG-I is activated by ubiquitin (Ub) chains.
Cyto RNA
RNAase protection assay identified Alu retroelement as an endogenous RNA ligand for MDA5
Aire Card filaments
The auto-immune regulator (Aire) forms filaments and nuclear foci for its transcriptional function.
The Hur Laboratory is interested in how the innate immune system, in particular germ-lined encoded pattern recognition receptors (PRR), can distinguish self from non-self nucleic acids at the level of molecular structures and functions.


Antiviral Innate Immunity

  • Pattern recognition receptors
  • Antiviral immune response
  • Auto-inflammatory disease
  • Immuno-oncology application

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Transcriptional Regulation of Adaptive Immunity

  • Transcription Regulation of Adaptive Immunity
  • T cell development of self-tolerance
  • Nuclear organization 

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