Seong-Moon Cheong - PhD

Research Fellow

Seong-Moon received his PhD from POSTECH, Korea in 2010, where he studied the function of regulators controlling TGF-beta signaling pathway during Xenopus development. He joined the lab in September 2011.

Selective Publications:

  • Cheong, S.M., Choi, H., Hong, B. S., Gho, Y. S. and Han, J.K. (2012) Dab2 is pivotal for endothelial cell migration by mediating VEGF expression in cancer cells. Experimental Cell Research (in press).

  • Cheong, S.M., Kim, H., and Han, J.K. (2009) Identification of a novel negative regulator of activin/nodal signaling in mesendodermal formation of Xenopus embryos. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 284(25):17052-17060.

  • Kim, H., Cheong, S.M., Ryu, J., Jung, H.J., Jho, E., and Han, J.K. (2009) Xenopus Wntless and the Retromer complex cooperate to regulate XWnt4 secretion. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 29(8):2118-2128.

  • Cheong, S.M., Choi, S.C., and Han, J.K. (2006) Xenopus Dab2 is required for embryonic angiogenesis. BMC Developmental Biology. 6:63.