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Esteban Orellana, PhD Esteban Orellana, PhD

Esteban joined the Gregory Laboratory in May 2018. He completed his graduate studies at Purdue University. His project involved ligand-mediated miRNA delivery and miRNA combinatorial therapeutics for cancer. Esteban's current research focuses on RNA methylation and its role in gene regulation and cancers including glioblastoma and sarcomas.


Jia Cui, PhD Jia Cui, PhD

Jia received her PhD in 2018 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she studied the post-transcriptional regulation of anti-apoptotic protein MCL1 in cancer. In August 2018 she joined the Gregory Lab as a postdoctoral fellow. She is interested in the field of RNA biology. Jia's current research focuses on RNA modifications and their roles in gene regulation and cancer.


Jiazhi Li, PhD Jiazhi Li, PhD

Jiazhi received her PhD in 2018 from Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her doctoral program focused on the structural and mechanistic basis of the CRISPR-Cas system. She joined the Gregory Lab in April 2019 and started her research on investigating mechanisms of posttranscriptional gene regulation using a structural and functional combining method.


Xin Yang, PhD Xin Yang, PhD

Xin received his PhD in 2018 from Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He studied the topology of mRNA m5C methylomes and the essential roles of m5C in mRNA export regulation. Xin also studied m6A and its role in the dynamic regulation of co-transcriptional R-loop formation and transcription termination. Xin joined the Gregory Lab in September 2019 and started his research on RNA modifications and their roles in gene regulation and cancer.


Xushen Xiong, PhD Xushen Xiong, PhD

Xushen obtained his PhD degree in 2019 from Peking University in China, where he received training in chemical biology, specifically in the epitranscriptomics field. He then joined the Gregory Lab as a postdoc, co-supervised by Professor Manolis Kellis at MIT. Xushen is currently working on understanding the regulatory networks of RNA modification in diseases, by employing both computational and experimental approaches.


small BCH female avatar Julia Ramirez-Moya, PhD

Julia received her PhD in 2021 from "Alberto Sols" Biomedical Research Institute at Madrid, Spain. She studied RNA regulatory mechanisms in cancer, such as miRNA regulation and A-to-I RNA editing. In April 2021 she joined the Gregory lab and her current research focuses on tRNA editing and its role in cancer.


Other Lab Members

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Quentin Hahn, BS
Research Assistant

Quentin graduated with a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics from Oregon State University in 2019. His current work involves developing non-radioactive approaches to detecting RNA modifications, and screening tRNA-methyltransferase complexes for novel specific inhibitors.

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Elisabeth Siegal, BS
Graduate Student
small BCH male avatar David Nelson
Laboratory Manager