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Ryan Flynn headshotRyan Flynn, MD, PhD

I am an Assistant Professor at Boston Children’s Hospital in the Stem Cell Program and in the Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology Department at Harvard University. I completed my M.D. and Ph.D. in Cancer Biology in the MSTP at Stanford University. I received my B.S. in Biology from MIT. Outside the lab, I enjoy learning about and investing in new transformative technologies in the space, energy, and biotechnology sectors.

Non biology images are courtesy of the NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission.

Non-lab efforts can be found here.

Below is a list of Dr. Flynn’s external professional relationships and disclosures as of January 2021:

  • Board Member: Chronus Health
  • Equity Holder: Inflammatix, Indie Labs, Luminostics, Zenflow, HistoWiz, Zbioitics, Persephone Biome, Enter Health, Decoy Biosystems, HepaTx, Erisyon, Chronus Health, Ravel Bio, SannTek Labs, Kern Systems, SiPhox, Liberum Bio
  • Advisor: None
  • Consultant: None
  • Sponsored Research: None

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