Current Environment:

Equipment | Overview

Major Equipment in the Engle Lab

  • WAVE DHPLC system for high-sensitivity mutation screening

  • ABI StepOne Plus 96-well real time RT-PCR system

  • Multiple thermocyclers for PCR

  • Single channel and also 8-channel Nanodrop

  • Fuji Luminescent image analyzer LAS-4000

  • U:Genius gel imaging system

  • Nikon TE2000-E2 Perfect Focus microscope for live-cell imaging & deconvolution

  • Olympus BX51 fluorescent microscope with Apochromat objectives

  • Nikon 80i Dual Viewing microscope for light microscopy and teaching

  • 2 Nikon SMZ-1500 stereomicroscopes with cameras-one with epifluorescence

  • Nikon TS100-F inverted microscope with fluorescence accessories and camera

  • Leica CM3050S cryostat

  • Leica RM2255 microtome

  • Beckman Coulter TL-100 tabletop ultracentrifuge

  • 2 Eppendorf 5810R refrigerated table top centrifuges

  • 2 4-ft ESCO Labculture Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinets

  • 4 Sanyo air-jacketed CO2 incubators with UV decontaminators

  • Beckman Coulter Vi-cell XR cell viability analyzer

  • Amaxa nucleofector II device<

  • ASM Sample Repository for DNA storage & retrieval: ~100,000 tube capacity

  • Hamilton MICROLAB® STARlet Single Arm Manual Load robotic workstation linked to ASM