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Research Projects | Overview

Current projects

  1. Collaborative Research: From Brains to Society: Neural Underpinnings of Collective Behaviors Via Massive Data and Experiments (supported by NSF)
  2. Resilience and Vulnerability of the Developing Brain's Connectome during the COVID-19 Pandemic (supported by NSF)
  3. CRCNS Research: Modeling Human Brain Development as a Dynamic Multi-Scale Network Optimization Process (supported by NSF)
  4. Stress-Induced Hormonal Fluctuations and their Relation to Seizure Dynamics in Children with Epilepsy (supported by NINDS)
  5. Robust Characterization of Brain-Heart Coupling Across Development and Modulations by Disordered Sleep (supported by NHLBI)

Long-standing ongoing projects

  1. Novel compute infrastructure for next-generation Neuroscience research
  2. Novel electrophysiological markers of seizure dynamics in the pediatric epileptic brain
  3. Neural and cardiovascular dynamics in the pediatric epileptic brain
  4. Multimodal data integration for improved seizure characterization, classification and prediction
  5. Optimization of nuclear imaging modalities for improved seizure localization

Select recent press on our work

A. Positive impact of regular physical activity on the developing adolescent connectome

  1. Regular Physical Activity Linked to Better-Organized Pre-Teen Brains, National Science Foundation Research News
  2. Press release
  3. Boston Children's Hospital
  4. Physical Activity Found To Be More Beneficial Than Previously Known For Brain Health Of Children

B. Adverse effects of shorter and lower-quality sleep on the developing adolescent connectome

  1. Boston Children’s Hospital Press Release
  2. Boston Children's Hospital
  3. Boston Globe
  4. Neuroscience news