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Physical activity and the developing brain: National Science Foundation Research News (2021)

Positive effects of physical activity on the adolescent brain, press release (2021)

We congratulate Skylar Brooks for her recent 'On the Spot" award from the Department of Pediatrics (2021)
Skylar earned this Spot Award for her very significant contribution to the study "Stress Induced Hormonal Fluctuations and their Relation to Seizure Dynamics in Children with Epilepsy".

Podcast at the National Science Foundation (2018)

Harvard Catalyst ThinkResearch Podcast (2018)

American Physiological Society/Journal of Neurophysiology (2017)

TEDx talk (2017)

Society for Neuroscience, press conference (2016)

NSF BRAIN Awardees Press Release (2014)

NSF BRAIN EAGER Award (Harvard Medical School announcement, 2014)