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Scientific lineage

People who have influenced me:

I was lucky to do my thesis with someone who was just so very talented. Nobody does it better. Makes me feel bad for the rest. Her name was Milner. Teri Milner.

Don Pfaff had so much enthusiasm. That, I think, was the most important thing I learned from Don. I'm tempted to say more, but that says it all.

Rita "The Hurricane" Valentino
Probably one of the smartest people I know.

I would tell you the influence of Hannah Kinney, but I'm still in a state of shock and awe.

Future Chairman, Dean, College President? Elisabeth Van Bockstaele works hard, and she works effectively. She's also has a lot of fun in this business.

One thing you can notice from this list is that three people mentioned are scientific descendents (one daughter and two grand-daughters) of Floyd Bloom. To say I am also a descending of Floyd Bloom reveals a lot about my approach to science.

Websites I like

Mark Terasaki has some things that are scientific, some things that are interesting, some things I don't know about, and some things that are downright beautiful. Mark is an artist.

JoAnn Buchanan inspired me to work on my website. We get her for the Neurobiology Course at Woods Hole, and her husband comes too.