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R01AI128976 (TA Chatila, PI) 9/01/2018 – 8/31/2022 NIH/NIAID

Mechanisms of Combined Immunodeficiency due to DOCK8 Deficiency: The focus of the study will elucidate how DOCK8 and STAT3 interact to mediate gene regulation, and how the breakdown in their interaction gives rise to disease features relevant to DOCK8 and STAT3 deficiencies as well as other immune disorders.

R21AI132843 (TA Chatila, PI) 6/12/2018-5/31/2020 NIH/NIAID

Metabolomic Pathways in Food Allergy: The focus of this proposal is the role of novel metabolic pathways as deduced from metabolomic analyses in the pathogenesis of food allergy

UG1HL139124 (E Israel, PI) 09/23/2017- 08/31/2023 NIH/NHLBI

PATINA - Precision Administration of Treatment in Neutrophilic severe Asthma: To serve as a Center for the PrecISE network which includes a team of seasoned trialists in adult and pediatric asthma, experts in biomarker development, the mechanisms behind these biomarkers, and adaptive trial design and integrative analyses.

R01AI115699 (TA Chatila, PI) 05/04/2017-4/30/2022 NIH/NIAID 

Control of regulatory T cell homeostasis and function by Notch signaling: The proposed studies aim to understand how this pathway regulates the immune response and how its dysfunction may lead to autoimmunity. The proposed studies may lead to novel therapies for autoimmune disease that target the Notch pathway in TR cells to promote immunological tolerance.