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Journal Article: Blood
Profound intravascular hemolysis due to Clostridial sepsis in an infant with necrotizing enterocolitis.
Aziz-Bose R, Cantor A

Journal Article: Blood Advances
Zfp281 (ZBP-99) Plays a Functionally Redundant Role with Zfp148 (ZBP-89) during Erythroid Development
Woo AJ, Patry C, Ghamari A, Pregernig G, Yuan D, Zheng K, Piers T, Hibbs M, Li J, Fidalgo M, Wang J, Lee J, Leedman P, Wang J, Fraenkel E, Cantor AB

Journal Article: Pediatric and developmental pathology : the official journal of the Society for Pediatric Pathology and the Paediatric Pathology Society Year: 2019
Page: 1093526618822108
Bone Marrow Morphology Associated With Germline RUNX1 Mutations in Patients With Familial Platelet Disorder With Associated Myeloid Malignancy
Chisholm KM, Denton C, Keel S, Geddis AE, Xu M, Appel BE, Cantor A, Fleming MD, Shimamura A

Book Chapter: Elsevier Year: 2018
Issue: 7th Edition Page: 334-349
Chapter 28 Thrombocytopoiesis
Cantor A

Book Chapter: Springer Year: 2016
Megakaryocytic Transcription Factors in Disease and Leukemia
Cantor A

Journal Article: Small GTPases Year: 2016
Volume: 30 Page: 1-14
RhoH participates in a multi-protein complex with the zinc finger protein kaiso that regulates both cytoskeletal structures and chemokine-induced T cells.
Mino A, Troeger A, Brendel C, Cantor A, Harris C, Ciuculescu MF, Williams DA

Journal Article: Journal of pregnancy Year: 2016
Volume: 2016 Page: 8297407
Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes among Women with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
Wyszynski DF, Carman WJ, Cantor A, Graham, Jr JM, Kunz LH, Slavotinek AM, Kirby RS, Seeger J

Journal Article: The Journal of biological chemistry Year: 2016
Issue: 2 Volume: 291 Page: 826-36
Runx1 Phosphorylation by Src Increases Trans-activation via Augmented Stability, Reduced Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Binding, and Increased DNA Affinity, and Activated Runx1 Favors Granulopoiesis
Leong WY, Guo H, Ma O, Huang H, Cantor A, Friedman AD

Journal Article: Journal of Hematopathology Year: 2015
Myeloid Proliferations Associated with Down Syndrome
Cantor A

Research Report: Science Signaling Year: 2015
The mTORC1/4E-BP pathway coordinates hemoglobin production with L-leucine availability
Chung J, Bauer DE, Ghamari A, Nizzi CP, Deck KM, Kingsley PD, Yien YY, Huston NC, Chen C, Schultz IJ, Dalton AJ, Wittig JG, Palis J, Orkin SH, Lodish HF, Eisenstein RS, Cantor A, Paw BH

Journal Article: Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio) Year: 2014
Bmi1 promotes erythroid development through regulating ribosome biogenesis
Gao R, Chen S, Kobayashi M, Yu H, Zhang Y, Wan Y, Young SK, Soltis A, Yu M, Vemula S, Fraenkel E, Cantor A, Antipin Y, Xu Y, Yoder MC, Wek RC, Ellis SR, Kapur R, Zhu X, Liu Y

Journal Article: The Journal of clinical investigation Year: 2014
Issue: 10 Volume: 124 Page: 4294-304
TMEM14C is required for erythroid mitochondrial heme metabolism
Yien YY, Robledo RF, Schultz IJ, Takahashi-Makise N, Gwynn B, Bauer D, Dass A, Yi G, Li L, Hildick-Smith GJ, Cooney JD, Pierce EL, Mohler K, Dailey TA, Miyata N, Kingsley PD, Garone C, Hattangadi SM, Huang H, Chen W, Keenan EM, Shah DI, Schlaeger T, DiMauro S, Orkin SH, Cantor A, Palis J, Koehler CM, Lodish HF, Kaplan J, Ward DM, Dailey HA, Phillips JD, Peters LL, Paw B

Book Chapter: Elsevier Year: 2013
Issue: 6th edition
Chapter 26: Thrombocytopoiesis
Cantor A

Book Chapter: Saunders Year: 2013
Issue: 8th Edition
Chapter 5: Hemostasis in the Newborn and Infant
Cantor A

Journal Article: The Journal of clinical investigation Year: 2013
Developmental differences in IFN signaling affect GATA1s-induced megakaryocyte hyperproliferation
Woo AJ, Wieland K, Huang H, Akie TE, Piers T, Kim J, Cantor A

Journal Article: Blood Year: 2012
Issue: 24 Volume: 120 Page: 4666-7
Dynamin 3 and platelet size variation. 
Cantor A

Journal Article: Genes & development Year: 2012
Issue: 14 Volume: 26 Page: 1587-601
A Src family kinase-Shp2 axis controls RUNX1 activity in megakaryocyte and T-lymphocyte differentiation
Huang H, Woo AJ, Waldon Z, Schindler Y, Moran TB, Zhu HH, Feng GS, Steen H, Cantor A

Journal Article: Blood Year: 2012
Issue: 18 Volume: 119 Page: 4098-9
Death-defying apoptotic caspases in thrombopoiesis
Cantor A

Journal Article: Molecular cell Year: 2012
Issue: 3 Volume: 45 Page: 330-43
Direct recruitment of polycomb repressive complex 1 to chromatin by core binding transcription factors
Yu M, Mazor T, Huang H, Huang HT, Kathrein KL, Woo AJ, Chouinard CR, Labadorf A, Akie TE, Moran TB, Xie H, Zacharek S, Taniuchi I, Roeder RG, Kim C, Zon L, Fraenkel E, Cantor A

Journal Article: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) Year: 2012
Volume: 788 Page: 291-303
Megakaryopoiesis and thrombopoiesis: an update on cytokines and lineage surface markers
Yu M, Cantor A

Journal Article: Blood Year: 2011
Issue: 13 Volume: 118 Page: 3684-93
Role of ZBP-89 in human globin gene regulation and erythroid differentiation
Woo AJ, Kim J, Xu J, Huang H, Cantor A

Journal Article: Molecular and cellular biology Year: 2011
Issue: 7 Volume: 31 Page: 1344-56
Identification of distal cis-regulatory elements at mouse mitoferrin loci using zebrafish transgenesis
Amigo JD, Yu M, Troadec MB, Gwynn B, Cooney JD, Lambert AJ, Chi NC, Weiss MJ, Peters LL, Kaplan J, Cantor A, Paw B

Journal Article: Cell Year: 2010
Issue: 2 Volume: 143 Page: 313-24
A Myc network accounts for similarities between embryonic stem and cancer cell transcription programs
Kim J, Woo AJ, Chu J, Snow JW, Fujiwara Y, Kim C, Cantor A, Orkin SH

Journal Article: Cell Year: 2010
Issue: 1 Volume: 142 Page: 133-43
TIF1gamma controls erythroid cell fate by regulating transcription elongation
Bai X, Kim J, Yang Z, Jurynec MJ, Akie TE, Lee J, LeBlanc J, Sessa A, Jiang H, DiBiase A, Zhou Y, Grunwald DJ, Lin S, Cantor A, Orkin SH, Zon L

Journal Article: Molecular cell Year: 2009
Issue: 4 Volume: 36 Page: 682-95
Insights into GATA-1-mediated gene activation versus repression via genome-wide chromatin occupancy analysis
Yu M, Riva L, Xie H, Schindler Y, Moran TB, Cheng Y, Yu D, Hardison R, Weiss MJ, Orkin SH, Bernstein BE, Fraenkel E, Cantor A

Journal Article: Blood Year: 2009
Issue: 21 Volume: 114 Page: 4654-63
The role and regulation of friend of GATA-1 (FOG-1) during blood development in the zebrafish. 
Amigo JD, Ackermann GE, Cope JJ, Yu M, Cooney JD, Ma D, Langer NB, Shafizadeh E, Shaw GC, Horsely W, Trede NS, Davidson AJ, Barut BA, Zhou Y, Wojiski SA, Traver D, Moran TB, Kourkoulis G, Hsu K, Kanki JP, Shah DI, Lin HF, Handin RI, Cantor A, Paw B

Journal Article: Journal of cellular biochemistry Year: 2009
Issue: 5 Volume: 107 Page: 857-64
Common features of megakaryocytes and hematopoietic stem cells: what's the connection?
Huang H, Cantor A

Journal Article: Molecular and cellular biology Year: 2009
Issue: 15 Volume: 29 Page: 4103-15
Differentiation-dependent interactions between RUNX-1 and FLI-1 during megakaryocyte development. 
Huang H, Yu M, Akie TE, Moran TB, Woo AJ, Tu N, Waldon Z, Lin YY, Steen H, Cantor A

Journal Article: Current protocols in stem cell biology Year: 2009
Volume: Chapter 1 Page: Unit1B.5
Tandem affinity purification of protein complexes in mouse embryonic stem cells using in vivo biotinylation
Wang J, Cantor A, Orkin SH

Journal Article: Nature protocols Year: 2009
Issue: 4 Volume: 4 Page: 506-17
Use of in vivo biotinylation to study protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions in mouse embryonic stem cells. 
Kim J, Cantor A, Orkin SH, Wang J

Journal Article: Science (New York, N.Y.) Year: 2008
Issue: 5909 Volume: 322 Page: 1839-42
Human fetal hemoglobin expression is regulated by the developmental stage-specific repressor BCL11A. 
Sankaran V, Menne TF, Xu J, Akie TE, Lettre G, Van Handel B, Mikkola HK, Hirschhorn J, Cantor A, Orkin SH

Journal Article: Current protocols in stem cell biology Year: 2008
Volume: Chapter 1 Page: Unit 1F.7
TLX1 (HOX11) immortalization of embryonic stem cell-derived and primary murine hematopoietic progenitors. 
Hawley RG, Hawley TS, Cantor A

Journal Article: Molecular and cellular biology Year: 2008
Issue: 8 Volume: 28 Page: 2675-89
Identification of ZBP-89 as a novel GATA-1-associated transcription factor involved in megakaryocytic and erythroid development. 
Woo AJ, Moran TB, Schindler YL, Choe SK, Langer NB, Sullivan MR, Fujiwara Y, Paw B, Cantor A

Journal Article: The Journal of experimental medicine Year: 2008
Issue: 3 Volume: 205 Page: 611-24
Antagonism of FOG-1 and GATA factors in fate choice for the mast cell lineage
Cantor A, Iwasaki H, Arinobu Y, Moran TB, Shigematsu H, Sullivan MR, Akashi K, Orkin SH

Journal Article: Blood Year: 2007
Issue: 12 Volume: 109 Page: 5230-3
Friend of GATA-1-independent transcriptional repression: a novel mode of GATA-1 function
Johnson KD, Boyer ME, Kang JA, Wickrema A, Cantor A, Bresnick EH

Journal Article: International journal of hematology Year: 2005
Issue: 5 Volume: 81 Page: 378-84
GATA transcription factors in hematologic disease.
Cantor A

Journal Article: Seminars in cell & developmental biology Year: 2005
Issue: 1 Volume: 16 Page: 117-28
Coregulation of GATA factors by the Friend of GATA (FOG) family of multitype zinc finger proteins.
Cantor A, Orkin SH

Journal Article: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Year: 2004
Issue: 4 Volume: 101 Page: 980-5
Coregulator-dependent facilitation of chromatin occupancy by GATA-1
Pal S, Cantor A, Johnson KD, Moran TB, Boyer ME, Orkin SH, Bresnick EH

Journal Article: Immunity Year: 2003
Issue: 3 Volume: 19 Page: 451-62
GATA-1 converts lymphoid and myelomonocytic progenitors into the megakaryocyte/erythrocyte lineages
Iwasaki H, Mizuno S, Wells RA, Cantor A, Watanabe S, Akashi K

Journal Article: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Year: 2002
Issue: 14 Volume: 99 Page: 9237-42
GATA-factor dependence of the multitype zinc-finger protein FOG-1 for its essential role in megakaryopoiesis
Chang AN, Cantor A, Fujiwara Y, Lodish MB, Droho S, Crispino JD, Orkin SH

Journal Article: The Journal of experimental medicine Year: 2002
Issue: 11 Volume: 195 Page: 1387-95
Targeted deletion of a high-affinity GATA-binding site in the GATA-1 promoter leads to selective loss of the eosinophil lineage in vivo. 
Yu C, Cantor A, Yang H, Browne C, Wells RA, Fujiwara Y, Orkin SH

Journal Article: Molecular and cellular biology Year: 2002
Issue: 12 Volume: 22 Page: 4268-79
Distinct domains of the GATA-1 cofactor FOG-1 differentially influence erythroid versus megakaryocytic maturation
Cantor A, Katz SG, Orkin SH

Journal Article: Oncogene Year: 2002
Issue: 21 Volume: 21 Page: 3368-76
Transcriptional regulation of erythropoiesis: an affair involving multiple partners
Cantor A, Orkin SH

Journal Article: Molecular and cellular biology Year: 2002
Issue: 9 Volume: 22 Page: 3121-8
Interaction between FOG-1 and the corepressor C-terminal binding protein is dispensable for normal erythropoiesis in vivo
Katz SG, Cantor A, Orkin SH

Journal Article: The Pediatric infectious disease journal Year: 2002
Issue: 3 Volume: 21 Page: 262-4
Fatal disseminated Candida lusitaniae infection in an infant with chronic granulomatous disease
Levy O, Bourquin JP, McQueen A, Cantor A, Lachenauer C, Malley R

Journal Article: Current opinion in genetics & development Year: 2001
Issue: 5 Volume: 11 Page: 513-9
Hematopoietic development: a balancing act
Cantor A, Orkin SH

Journal Article: Development (Cambridge, England) Year: 1999
Issue: 12 Volume: 126 Page: 2799-811
Different sequence requirements for expression in erythroid and megakaryocytic cells within a regulatory element upstream of the GATA-1 gene
Vyas P, McDevitt MA, Cantor A, Katz SG, Fujiwara Y, Orkin SH

Journal Article: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Year: 1999
Issue: 3 Volume: 96 Page: 950-5
FOG-2: A novel GATA-family cofactor related to multitype zinc-finger proteins Friend of GATA-1 and U-shaped
Tevosian SG, Deconinck AE, Cantor A, Rieff HI, Fujiwara Y, Corfas G, Orkin SH

Journal Article: The Journal of biological chemistry Year: 1992
Issue: 32 Volume: 267 Page: 23342-8
Lysosomal enzyme phosphorylation. I. Protein recognition determinants in both lobes of procathepsin D mediate its interaction with UDP-GlcNAc:lysosomal enzyme N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase
Baranski TJ, Cantor A, Kornfeld S

Journal Article: The Journal of biological chemistry Year: 1992
Issue: 32 Volume: 267 Page: 23349-56
Lysosomal enzyme phosphorylation. II. Protein recognition determinants in either lobe of procathepsin D are sufficient for phosphorylation of both the amino and carboxyl lobe oligosaccharides
Cantor A, Baranski TJ, Kornfeld S

Journal Article: The Journal of biological chemistry Year: 1992
Issue: 32 Volume: 267 Page: 23357-63
Phosphorylation of Asn-linked oligosaccharides located at novel sites on the lysosomal enzyme cathepsin D
Cantor A, Kornfeld S

Journal Article: Analytical biochemistry Year: 1992
Issue: 2 Volume: 205 Page: 220-6
A method for [3H]mannose labeling of Asn-linked oligosaccharides on recombinant glycoproteins synthesized in Xenopus oocytes
Cantor A, Kornfeld S

Journal Article: The Journal of biological chemistry Year: 1987
Issue: 14 Volume: 262 Page: 6729-34
Expression of completely gamma-carboxylated recombinant human prothrombin
Jorgensen MJ, Cantor A, Furie BC, Furie B

Journal Article: Cell Year: 1987
Issue: 2 Volume: 48 Page: 185-91
Recognition site directing vitamin K-dependent gamma-carboxylation resides on the propeptide of factor IX
Jorgensen MJ, Cantor A, Furie BC, Brown CL, Shoemaker CB, Furie B