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Benowitz Lab Research | Overview

Larry Benowitz holds the Neurosurgical Innovation and Research Professorship at Boston Children's Hospital and is a Professor of Neurosurgery and Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School. He received his PhD from Caltech with Nobel Laureate Roger Sperry and did postdoctoral research at MIT and Harvard Medical School before joining the Harvard faculty. Dr. Benowitz has worked for many years studying plasticity and regeneration of CNS connections, with a particular emphasis on the regeneration of the optic nerve. In the past decade, his group has studied the role of inflammation, oncomodulin, gene transcription, and Mst3b in optic nerve regeneration, the role of TNF-alpha in animal models of glaucoma, the role of inosine in rewiring neural connections after stroke and spinal cord injury, combinatorial therapies to promote the rewiring of connections between the eye and the brain, and most recently, the role of zinc dysregulation and intra-retinal communication networks in controlling outcome after optic nerve injury. He has mentored many students and postdoctoral fellows and is first- or senior author on over 150 papers, reviews and book chapters. He was named by Scientific American as one of the 50 leaders of the year in science and technology in 2006 and in 2013 was awarded the Lewis Rudin Prize for "the most significant scholarly article on glaucoma published in a peer-reviewed journal in the prior calendar year". Read more