IRB Newsletters


2016 July Special Communication
NIH Policy on the Use of a Single IRB for Multi-site Research

2016 June Newsletter
Message from the Director
Criteria for Conditional Approval vs Deferral
Conflict of Interest Review by the IRB
Consent Form Bar Codes for Scanning into Medical records
Reliance Agreements
Congratulations Scott Meyers
New View in CheRP
Memo To  File: From the EQuIP Office


2015 October Newsletter
Notice of proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)
Changes to Staff Amendment Activity in CHeRP

June 2015 Newsletter
Important Change to Eligibility of Who can be a PI on an IRB Protocol

April 2015 Newsletter
AAHRPP Re-accreditation
Memo to File: From the EQuIP Office
Case Studies/Series Guidance
A Fix for Consent Form Headers
New Comic Book
Welcome Scott Meyers
Harvard Catalyst Research Subject Advocacy Materials


September 2014 Special Communication Newsletter
New Witness Signature Line
IRB Satisfaction Survey
Welcome Daniel Alderson

June 2014 Special Communication Newsletter
New ClinicalTrials.Gov Oversight at BCH
Facilitating Protocol Submissions through CHeRP
Using the review status tab
Using the Reportable event from
Submitting DSMB Updates
Adding Non-BCH Employ-
Welcome Meghan Cashman 6
Memo To File: From the EQuIP Office
Struggling with CHeRP? 
Clinical Research Center (CRC) Services


October 2013 Special Communication Newsletter
Message from General Counsel: Updating Financial Disclosures
How to Edit Existing Study Docu-ments
Do I Need to do Something in CHeRP?
Memo To File: From the EQuIP Office
Consent Formatting Tips


December 2012 Special Communication Newsletter
Implementation of Bar Code Headers to Facilitate Storage of Research Consent Forms in the Medical Record
Clarification of Continuing Education for Human Subjects Protection Training
Registries, Repositories, and Research Records
Memo-to-File: From the EQuIP Office
Reporting Results on

September 2012 Special Communication Newsletter
New Policy on Research Involving Decisionally-Impaired Adults
New Consent Form Template
Memo To File: From the EQuIP Office
Pre-Review Helpful Hints
Update on CCI Jurisdiction
What Human Subject Training Satisfies the IRB Education Requirement?
Welcome, Siena Napoleon!

February 2012 Special Communication Newsletter
International Research: Avoid Non Compliance
New FDA Regulation for Informed Consents Regarding Clinical Trials.Gov
Reminder: Pharmacy Requirement for Dispensing Investigational Drug
Welcome Susie Corl

January 2012 Special Communication Newsletter
New CHeRP  and Pharmacy Requirement for  Dispensing  Investigational  Drug


October 2011 Communication Newsletter
Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Request for Comment
Guidance on Use of Personal Cell Phones For Recruitment and Communication with Research Subjects

September 2011 Communication Newsletter
Staffing Updates
Our Phones Have Changed
CHeRP Helpful Hints
Note re: Specific Letter Wording

June 2011 Communication Newsletter
CHeRP June IRB Update: What You Need to Know.

February 2011 Special Communication Newsletter
CHeRP IRB February 2011 Update

January 2011 Special Communication Newsletter
CHeRP IRB January 2011 Update   


October 2010 Special Communication Newsletter
Electronic CHeRP IRB is going Live in December!

March 2010 Special Communication Newsletter
Use of Short Forms For Non English Speaking Research Subjects During the Consenting Process.